DotA2 Mapping Project


The DotA2 mapping project was a brief experiement into seeing how game-worlds could interact with archaeological methods. The first stage of the project, which is presented here, was to extract height maps from the DotA2 game files and import those into ArcGIS. From here I extracted 'ward points' from a recorded match and ran a view-shed analysis on these to get a view of where vision was at a given time on the map. A dynamic map is currently in production.

DotA2 (Defence of the Ancients 2) is a MOBA game which is played in a 5v5 setting. Vision plays a huge role in setting up team-plays or avoiding being caught off-guard. Knowing where to put 'wards' (give you vision in a radius) is a difficult decision and often it isnt until you place the ward that you know exactly where you will gain vision. Trees, terrain and structures block line-of sight and can disrupt the effectiveness of a ward. As such this project was created as a way to pre-emptively test what placements might be most beneficial, and also as a method for analysing post-game ward placements through data-transfer from game-file to GIS map.

A further blog post about this experiment can be found HERE